The book "Das Jahr, in dem ich nirgendwo war" (EN: "The year I disappeared") portrays the story of the Congo, explains the geopolitical conflicts of the Cold War in Africa and shows the situation that led to Cuba´s intervention in the Congo in 1965, including Che Guevara´s tragicomical time in the african jungle that is generally quite unknown. The massive content gets communicated to the viewer on the basis of texts, photos, illustrations and a graphical system of symbols. The book has an adhesive binding and was printed on customary brown wrapping paper. It´s placed in a simple, olive painted wooden slipcase. (study project)

*red dot: best of the best, communication design, 2008

















"Int. Yearb. Com. Design 2008/2009"
Can be found in here: "Int. Yearb. Com. Design 2008/2009"